The Breastfeeding Site - About JulieHi there!

I’m Julie. Your host and the girl behind this website.

I recently found out I was expecting my second child…after having my first 13 years ago!

Our little one wasn’t planned but we were ecstatic! Sure we freaked out for a minute. After all, we thought we were just about done raising our first one and that we were going to have so much more time to pursue our adult interests (still being there for our son, of course.)

“How can we afford this?”

“Do we need to move into a bigger home?”

“Oh my gosh, we’re not going to sleep for months!”

…and on and on the thoughts and insecurities rolled in. But we’re resilient. So we began focusing on the amazing things we’d get to experience all over again.

First smiles, laughs, and words…birthday parties…cuddles and hugs…those special moments you realize happened way too quickly…

Yep. We get to do all that over again.

From Family of 3 to Family of 4

We were becoming a family of four. Scared but enthusiastic, I started planning.

Gotta get the doctor squared away.

Gotta get some vitamins and get my health checked out.

Gotta start making some big decisions.

And one of those decisions was to look into breastfeeding, which was a scary thing for me because my first go-round with it wasn’t easy and wasn’t pleasant.

My First Experience with Breastfeeding

When I got pregnant with my son, I was thrilled at the idea of breastfeeding. I heard from my mom how incredible her experiences were and I wanted the same thing.

I read up on it and when my li’l man arrived, I was ready!

I had a nurse show me how to do it but wasn’t getting the hang of it. Then a lactation nurse took me on privately to show me even more about getting started with breastfeeding.

I did my best for a couple of weeks and they were miserable. My breasts were sore and my son cried ALL THE TIME.

It wasn’t colic, either.

Turns out, it was probably hunger because at my next doctor visit, my son had lost a LOT of weight and the doc suggested I supplement with formula or switch altogether.

I was heartbroken.

But luckily, I had an amazing lactation nurse who coached me as best she could, encouraged and supported me, and ended up helping me breastfeed while supplementing in a way that wouldn’t have my baby turning away from the breast completely. (Spoiler alert: I used a supplementation system at the breast!)

When I wondered if my baby was even getting any of my milk, my lactation consultant assured me that he was and shared that if his bowel movements looked a certain way (light yellow, kind of an oatmeal consistency…yes, gross, I know!) then he was getting breastmilk.

It was incredible!

I breastfed for less than a year back then and I wish I could have continued longer, but there came a time that I knew I was ready to wean and move on to formula.

But I’m so grateful for that experience and for the help and support I had!

How This Site Came About

When I found out I was pregnant, I started to consider whether or not I would breastfeed.

I want to, so I figured I’d chronicle my journey as well as share tips and information that might help other moms, like you.

When I have a question, I can find the answer for myself and share my findings here!

When YOU have a question, you can search this site right there in the sidebar or you can contact me to ask your breastfeeding-related questions!

It’s not just that I’m passionate about breastfeeding, though I am. It’s that I’m passionate about helping new moms experience how wonderful this can be – if that’s what they choose. And I’m also passionate about the idea of helping you make the decision that’s right for you – no judgment here!

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